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In RSA, we understand your experience when you meet with an accident. To show that we value our customers, we believe in making our claims process as simple as possible. 

Please follow these simple steps for making a Personal Accident Cover claim.

Please contact us for any assistance. We also look forward to any suggestions or feedback you may have on our claims service so that we can continually improve our service to you.

Reporting a Personal Accident Cover Claim

When an accident occurs, you should:

1. Report claim to RSA as soon as possible
Contact us and speak to our Claims Officer to report the accident.  This enables us to understand the situation and to determine whether an investigation is required into the accident. Any delay in notification will prejudice your rights of claim under the policy as we are deprived of an opportunity to investigate into the circumstances leading to the accident.

2. Complete the Claim Form
All relevant information must be completed and sent to us with relevant supporting documents for assessment.

Supporting Documents

Please provide the following supporting documents/information when submitting your duly completed Claim Form/Medical Report:

- Original hospital bill for medical expenses benefit and copy medical certificate for temporary disability and/or permanent disability benefits.

**Please note that the Medical Report or the Medical Certificate must be completed by the attending physician at the expense of the claimant.

Claim Form

Claim form:download